Leadership of WCET Radio, LLC


Michael T. Vara

Founder | CEO

email Vara | (803) 392-4566

Michael Vara, a former landscaper and construction worker turned radio host. Vara entered the radio business because he was sick and tired of the lies and censorship of the mainstream media both on TV and radio. He is dedicated to the truth and wants to make a difference and inform the people, expanding their minds, and provide a platform for the many ideas and interpretations of any given subject.

Starting Late Night in the Midlands in 2008 as a hobby quickly becoming a mission is now a full-time successful career of 13 years.

Come 2012, Vara turned what was just one radio show into an entire network of radio shows covering everything. He responsible for building three radio networks and several shows that he once hosted and produced over the years. But since 2017 he has focused solely on LNM Radio and his radio station.

Late Night in the Midlands has been about truth, current events and the paranormal because Vara has had several paranormal experiences including sightings of large crafts in the sky, a haunted apartment that he once lived in, and a visitation from his mother who had passed away years before.

His haunted apartment story was told on the hit Destination America show, Paranormal Survivor. He is the author of Lessons from the Other Side, Life After Death is Very Real.

In late 2019 he started WCET Radio, in the summer of 2020 he and his now three other business partners formed WCET Radio, LLC based in Irmo, SC. The partners, also hosts, on the network and are dedicated to Vara’s initial mission of speaking truths and stopping the censorship.

Michael Bahas

Chief Operating Officer

email Bahas | 803-369-3654 

Michael Bahas, COO of WCET Radio, LLC is the host and producer of Inside My Head a radio show dedicated to helping people with PTSD, Bipolar 2 Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and Autoimmune disorders which he himself has experienced. Inside My Head allows people to share their stories about these topics as guests on the show as well as interviewing professionals and researchers involved with the sourcing and treating these disorders.

Bahas is a 50% Service-Connected Veteran who served in the US Navy being honorably discharged in 1997 as a 4.0 Sailer. His MOS was Dental Corpsman DT3 from 1989-1997 and in 1992 he had the honor of driving in the 1992 Presidential motorcade for Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown (AFIC) Armed Forces Inaugural Committee.
He started his radio career in 2015 after being a guest on Show Us Don’t Tell Us with Paul “Papabare” Berry and then he began producing that show in 2017.

He is the founder of TAKE POINT 22 an action-oriented organization advancing the well-being and improving the lives of Veterans, Military and 1st responders.

In 2020 he began a co-owner of WCET Radio and started Inside My Head in July 2020.
Learn more about Inside My Head and if you are interested in being a guest to tell your story reach out to Bahas by email here.

Riscalla Stevens

Chief Financial Officer | Human Resources

email Stevens | 561-598-8492

Bio Coming Soon

Tim Roxbury

Chief Development Officer

email Roxbury | 724-332-3064

Tim is the Producer and Host of the hit shows Supernatural Realm and Circle the Universe. He says  if he weren’t a radio host he would have loved to have been a career firefighter.

On his talk Radio shows Tim captivates program listeners with his discussions of Quantum physics, religion, paranormal phenomena time travel, alien abductions, ancient civilizations, conspiracies, and all things curious and unexplained. Tim has always wanted to be producer/host of a talk radio show since he was young. At age of 6 he and his friend used to record on a cassette recorder and mic as if they were radio station DJ’s.

At the age of 17 he joined a local volunteer fire department after they had advertised that they were looking for new members and starting a Junior Firefighter program. Being the youngest and only junior member with the department Tim began attending all the training and courses that were offered to him by the department, local community college and Pennsylvania State Fire Academy.  Roxbury was born, raised, and educated near his home in western Pennsylvania and served 20 years in the volunteer fire service in his local community. He is still very connected to his mentors and former service members.

In 2009, after watching and becoming interested in the popular paranormal related television shows, Tim founded and formed Butler Paranormal Research Society to help residences and business in his local area that were experiencing events that they could not explain.  He says, While growing up he always felt spirit around him and wanted to know more that Sunday School and Church could not answer.

Later in 2013 he finally decided it was time to host a radio show and thus formed Supernatural Realm and his some of his first guests are well known in their perspective fields and still are to this day.

Then in 2018,  Supernatural Realm joined the now former LNM Radio Network and continued on WCET FM owned and operated By Michael Vara in 2019 and in the Summer of 2020 WCET FM has grown and is known as WCET Radio LLC and Roxbury is a partner and Chief Development Officer.

Staff of WCET Radio


Show Producer


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