Support WCET Radio

First thank you for considering a donation to WCET.FM (Michael Vara).  All donations are used to fund the station expenses, and build funds for improvements and special programs for our hosts, listeners, and executives.

We are staffed by our Founder, a marketing consultant, show programmers and show hosts.  Some of the programs aired on WCET Radio are syndicated programs brought in because of content and mission of the station as a whole.

Programs on WCET Radio are unscripted and uncensored and are NOT necessarily the opinions of the station as a whole.  Show guests are chosen by the hosts and are not paid for appearing on our shows.

There are a variety of ways to support the station.

Option 1: An online donation using the donate button to the right.

Option 2: Becoming a WCET Radio Late Nighter of the station for a monthly or annual basis.

Option 3: Purchasing items from the WCET Radio Shop.  The station keeps a portion of each sale and pays cost to the suppliers, authors, etc. Protection Status
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