Late Night in the Midlands 08-12-20

Late Night in the Midlands host Michael Vara invited Dr.Joye Jeffries Pugh. Dr. Joye spoke about paranormal encounters as a child and later discussed her research placed in at least 8 books that describe the time period we are in and according to the good Dr.Joye we may very well be in the tribulation of Revelations as described in the Bible. Caller Henry called in to debate on some of what Dr.Joye was presenting. In the first 30 of the show host Michael Vara explained how NYS not only would not let Michael come to see his ill father but threatened a $10,000 dollar fine should he try. So take a listen and enjoy the ride. If you would like to donate to LNM Radio you can do it on this page

Direct Link to books: You can visit her website at and Facebook page- Joye Pugh Protection Status
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