Late Night in the Midlands 8/6/2020

Messages from the Cosmos. Host Michael Vera was joined by guest R. Scott Lemriel who discussed not originally being from Earth and his direct experiences with kind races that number over 450 million inhabited world systems by countless ET races.

He provides listeners with new insights into the true nature of what we are as spherical energy beings, the nature of the grand multidimensional creation, and more importantly how each person can begin to access greater awareness and the recovery of true freewill unfettered by negative emotions and negative imagination. Scott states: They only shut down higher consciousness and the ability to go back into what I call ‘Direct Knowing Certainty.’ Both of his books were re-published in April of 2019 with entirely new originally created artwork on the covers that involved live actors to play the roles of characters depicted in actual scenes from the books.  

THE SERES AGENDA & THE EMERALD DOORWAY (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy) are both 6 X 9 size as trade paperback books. They are now both published worldwide through my Total Spectrum Publishing company.
Previously, THE SERES AGENDA was published through a New York publisher. I can promote their benefits to fellow humans much better through my company.
R. Scott Lemriel Protection Status
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