Rocky The Cat will go full 15 rounds (Prayer Works)

Thursday night I held open lines on Late Night in the Midlands, A night I will mark in the “we did it” file.

You see we had a special call come in from our long time listener Mark and when Mark called in he told us about Rocky his cat, his cat who in his own words is like his own child. We all love our hairy little kids and when they get older and sometimes sick it can be a very difficult thing to go through. That’s why when Mark told us that 17 year old Rocky was not doing good and Mark worried of having to put him down I called for a mass prayer. I asked everyone who was listening that night to pray for little Rocky and you know what ? They did and I was informed today that Rocky did see the vet and most of his test came back and the Vet said Rocky can be treated and he will be just fine in the near future.

I can not say for sure if we did it or if we even helped a little, But it sure feels good don’t it Rocky ?

Thank you to everyone who actually took a minute out to pray for our friend Rocky. Protection Status
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