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What Is The Supernatural Realm Exactly? Why Do People Have Paranormal Or Mystical Experiences? Is There Science Behind it That They're Not Looking At.... And Why Do Some People Have Negative Encounters And Others Don't? What Is the Best Method To Use Or Is There Some New Truth To Them?

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Paul Anthony Wallis is a researcher, speaker and author of books on spirituality and mysticism. He researches the world’s mythologies for how they speak to our origins as a species and our potential today as human beings.

In the ’80s and ’90’s Paul’s work centred on establishing foundations for new faith communities. Over the last 20 years, he has designed and delivered training for church-ministers in the UK and Australia. In Australia, Paul has lectured on the history of religious thought and hermeneutics (principles of interpreting texts – including the Bible) and has served the Anglican Church as an Archdeacon in the Australian Capital Territory.

Paul provides personal coaching to clients in leadership and is a practitioner of healing in the Christian tradition. He is a musician, a story-teller, an author, a mentor, a conscious breather and a barefoot walker.

Shannon Leischner is a world renowned psychic/medium and energy worker who was born with powerful inherited abilities from generations of truly gifted family members. For over 20 years, she has been changing people’s lives through life path coaching, intuitive guidance and angelic communication. Known as a Spiritual Catalyst, Shannon helps people all over the world to transform their lives, uncover hidden abilities and remember their true spiritual path. Assisting people to alleviate physical and mental traumas, limiting self beliefs and directing them to find their divine life purpose.
    Shannon has an extraordinary ability to communicate, interact with, and cross over spiritual beings. Her immense relationship with the angelic realm has taught her that there is definitely more to this world than what we are able to see. She has been trained in many energetic techniques including Reiki, Theta Healing, Spiritual Healing, and Angelic Energy Healing. Quite often, while performing energy work on a client, she intuitively sees the root cause of an ailment or trauma and instantaneously helps to shift the energy to alleviate all that doesn’t belong or serve them. 
    Along with her metaphysical training, Shannon is a Certified Life Coach, has an MPA in Public Administration and is a Martial Arts Master with a 6th Degree Blackbelt in several styles. She was a featured speaker and radio guest at ECETI International Conference in Washington State for James Gilliland and produced two subliminal wellness CD’s both available for sale on her website. 
    Shannon has been a guest many times on “LA Talk Radio” with hosts Cameron Datzker, Guy Towe and Jennifer Hill, “The Kim Iverson Show”, “Darkness Radio” with host Dave Schrader, “Be The Light Now” with host Reverend Michael, “Paranormal Radio” with host Rubbiz Fire. “XStasis” Spanish radio with host Jorge Arrendado, and has numerous interviews on “Blog Talk Radio” with host Andrew Aloha and many other radio hosts. In 2012 she was a featured guest at The Country Music Awards Gala and The Media Madness Celebrity Event in Hollywood. She has also been a featured guest at The Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach. 
She has been featured in several publications including “Light Workers World Elite” by Maximillion Lafayette and will also soon make her debut on several HBO television programs.
Daniel Olexa has been drawn to the powers of the mind for his entire life. After realizing his passion for helping others to improve their lives and his natural ability at problem solving, Daniel left the corporate world, reinvented his life to live his purpose, and began his studies in hypnotherapy.

This path of personal reinvention introduced him to the concepts of life mastery and manifestation, the practical and the spiritual ideas behind living an intentional and fulfilling life.

Daniel has a knack for finding solutions to problems. He loves looking for answers that are not obvious; not settling for the expedient solution, Daniel focuses on asking the right questions to find the correct answer to a problem or issue.

Daniel’s mission is to create unique solutions for each and every one of his clients. He has a gift for helping clients to envision their goals and help them to make these goals real.

After completing 500 hours of training at the Institute for Interpersonal Hypnotherapy in Tampa, Florida, Daniel opened his first practice in Naples, FL. Daniel continues to empower others around the world to realize their strengths, discover The Flow, and reinvent their lives from his current office in Los Angeles, CA.

As a hypnotherapist, Daniel has successfully worked with clients from around the world to create lasting, positive life-changes. His unique approach to understanding his clients’ issues helps them to uncover the knowledge they need to bring profound change to their lives. Through hypnotherapy, Dan then provides them with the tools to build this life.

Daniel is also a PADI IDC Staff Instructor who has taught over 200 students both basic and advanced scuba diving. He loves sharing his appreciation of the underwater world with new students.

On November 18, his book, Practical Manifesting, co-authored with shaman Iris Terner, will be available on Amazon. This book brings a much-needed grounded perspective to the manifesting genre and concepts of the Universal Laws (including the often-misunderstood Law of Attraction).

Practical Manifesting bridges the gap between spiritual concepts and grounded action, connecting two worlds that have been separated for too long.

Daniel’s blog has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Hypnosis blogs by


Bob Gebelein graduated from Harvard with a BA in Mathematics in 1956, and then went on to have a legendary career as a computer programmer and creator of software systems. But the main focus of his adult life has been to create a new civilization, because of the threat of nuclear annihilation and other cultural problems. His methods are psychotherapy, withdrawal from the culture, and dream analysis. He succeeded in his quest by discovering how “human nature” itself can be changed, to compassion and altruism, to create a new kind of human being, who will then create a new civilization. He is a new civilization with a population of one.

His book, Re-Educating Myself describes his search and the answers that he found. “The Mental Environment” describes the network of lies from which he extricated himself. His original songs, on “Uncle Bobby’s Record,” now have an international following. Because he is writing from a new civilization, he can view the scientific establishment with some perspective, especially because he is not controlled by it. In his book “Dirty Science,” he introduces original concepts such as “the mental senses,” “mental warfare,” and “psychological age,” which make this work a step ahead of the present culture.


Susan Plunket is a writer and a psychologist in private practice in New York City. She received her doctorate at The New School for Social Research in 1989. Her first book, When Every Breath Becomes a Prayer, reflects her interests in Jungian dream analysis and people who have had an experience of the numinous as a result of emotional pain. Her new book, Mission From Venus, pushes further into the fantasy worlds of the fifth and sixth dimensions. She lives with her family in Greenwich Village, unfortunately, still in the third dimension. Protection Status
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